Do you work as an educator in a botanic garden or museum in Italy, Portugal or the UK? LearnToEngage is an exciting new suite of professional development modules for botanic garden staff and museum educators in these countries. This blended learning course (a mixture of online and on-site learning) will enhance engagement of your audiences and support the vital educational role played by botanic gardens and museums. LearnToEngage is funded through the European Commission’s Erasmus + programme and provides an interactive, co-operative experience with both online and on-site provision.

Each module will take place over 12 weeks and will provide a minimum of 60 hours learning and includes a one week on-site training element working face to face with tutors and colleagues. This will be complemented by online learning before and after the visit. The online element will include a range of presentations, collaborative activities, independent research and various tasks, some of which will be assessed. You will also be expected to reflect on your learning, both online and on-site.

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This module aims to build capacity for developing innovative and effective interpretation. It will also cover evaluating education projects and encouraging accessibility and equity. View more

Working with Diverse Audiences

The aim of this module is to build participants’ capacity in relation to working with current and new audiences. View more

Science Communication

The aim of this module is to build participants’ capacity to engage their audiences with science and make it relevant to their lives. View more

Evaluation and research

This module will look closely at approaches to evaluation and research through a number of small-scale research projects. View more

Images credits - Interpretation: RBGE, Working with Diverse Audiences: RBGE, Science Communication: MUSE, Research and Evaluation: Hortus Botanicus Leiden